Biking Safety

Each boy must have his own water, bottle, bike, helmet and lock daily. Bike must meet safety requirements.

As per safety guidelines, a camp t-shirt is standard daily dress in Camp Machane Heights.

Safe Summer Cycling is our #1 Priority in Machane Heights!
​Biking can be fun, and it can be dangerous. Therefore Camp Machane Heights has a zero tolerance rule when it comes to safety.

Bicycle etiquette and NYC Law on the streets of Brooklyn must be obeyed.

Campers must obey the directions of all staff: director, head counselor, counselors or junior counselors. A counselor is a counselor, even if a camper is not in that counselor’s bunk, he must obey his directions.

Campers bike in groups no more than 10, with a counselor leading the way as well as a counselor following at the end of the group. Campers bike in a single file line, maintining safety.