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    What time does camp start?
    Camp begins with Davening Shacharis at 8:45. As part of the Tzivos Hashem program, there is optional cocoa club beginning at 8:30.
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    Is Lunch provided for the boys?
    Yes, camp provides both breakfast and lunch daily, see Lunch Menu Below.
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    What time does camp end?
    On a regular day, camp ends at 4:30. On Fridays, camp ends at 12:30. If we have a trip that will extend later on in the day, you will be notified of dismissal times at the beginning of the week. We have late nights twice a week from 6:30-8:00 p.m.
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    How is biking done in a safe way?
    Our motto is 'Safe Summer Cycling'. To ensure Safe Summer Cycling, we have specific guidelines all camp members must follow while biking. Find out some key points about bike safety by visiting our biking safety page.
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    What are the prices of Camp?
    Please see our Dates and Rates page for the full list of pricing.
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    What are the sizing for the camp T-shirts?
    Youth : S- size 6-8, M- 10-12, L-14-16,XL- 18-20 Adult S-XXXL
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    I missed Orientation, can i get the orientation booklet?
    Yes, Please see below
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    Are there any scholarships for camp?
    Yes, the OK provides families with a scholarship to camp. Please contact them for more details at (718) 756-7500.
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    Can I register online?
    No. Please visit our registration page where you can download all registration forms to complete.
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    What age is camp for?
    Camp is for Boys ages 11-14, Boys completing Grades 5-8.
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